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#2yearswithexo animation by chulsu


Happy 2 years with EXO <3! I’m really proud of them and well, I’ve been supporting them ever since their first debut, showcase, showcase of their teasers and everything. But it was really difficult at first since I got them all mixed up and even thought that some were twins. I was that stupid on identifying them.

I first knew them on a forum (mangafox.com). My fellow friends there were talking about something that was not really familiar to me. That time, I was obsessed with SHINee. Then they introduced me the exo. At first, I didn’t like it upon seeing their mv MAMA. It was great but it wasn’t that attracting if you see it at a first time. But as I watched it again and again, I began to question my friends in the forum what their names are. They were happy that I got interested on it and so everything started from there.

My first bias was Suho. He was really like an angel to me but then my bias list got mixed up and Baekhyun replaced Suho in my top bias list. Everyone was really attractive but as you get to know them, there will be something that will hit your heart and will be different from the other members. That’s what I felt for Kai. Since then, Kai got my heart because of his dance moves but not only that but with his attitude as well. There is something that I can’t explain with words on how he is perfect to me. Not only him but Kyungsoo as well. I totally ship this two. It would be really fine for me if they are really into together and be gay together. I will still support them because I love them seeing together. <3

I kept supporting them even if they were performing MAMA and HISTORY again and again but it never failed to make me squeal with happiness. 

I kept waiting for a year for a comeback and when they had it… all fans were cheering like AT LAST. A COMEBACK. A FUCKING COMEBACK. It took them a while to have their comeback. I was really crying when they had the first comeback because AT LAST, NEW SONG. NEW EVERYTHING. THEY ARE NOW HAVING A STEP TO MORE ACHIEVEMENTS. and such. After their first comeback, comebacks began to flow and giving us many outstanding performances.

Then concerts began to flow over here. First was the DKFC, which I didn’t get to attend since I was alone and I was really trying to influence my friends to like EXO so I could see them since my mom agreed and was even willing to pay for the ticket fee as long as I have someone to go with. But unluckily, there was no one so… pass. The second concert even rejected me since I have exams so… pass. I really hate myself since I kept on promising that if ever EXO will go here and have their concert, I will sure to go but what happened? they already had 2 concerts here but here I am, watching fancams on youtube, cheering for them in the house. It was really sad but still, someday I will get to meet them in personal (and kidnap them and make them all mine and live happily ever after XD)

Their achievements kept on piling up and I’m really happy for them. Every performance was different and it gives us the will to keep on supporting them until forever <3

I really love their first ever variety show called EXO Showtime! It was really lovely. Every episode was really funny and shows some of the sides of each member. They are really funny and really… they are very interactive with each other.

It was also my first time to buy a kpop merchandise. I am really obsessed with exo so I am trying to collect all their albums. I even have posters in my room ~ they are really an inspiration and very special to me.

And now, they are still the same as ever, my love for them just grew stronger and stronger. I don’t think I will leave this boys out of my life. They’ll always be here in my heart and I’ll forever support them with my love. I really hope I can meet them all in personal one day. I don’t want my life to end without having the chance to meet them. I MUST MEET THEM. FOR MY LIFE SAKE. XD!

Happy Anniversary again, and oh! they are going to have a comeback yet once again and well, we are all waiting for it so I really hope that fans will support them! They worked hard for us and they deserve a love from us like how they are expecting us to give them.

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, EXO. <3 till then!

— Kaisoo’s wifeu :”>

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"When I met you, flowers started growing in the darkest parts of my mind."

- Unknown  (via hughsdancys)
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Song: sunny 10 promotional song

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