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As far as we know from science, Tumblr is the actual best part of the universe.
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Anonymous asked vicky senpai how are you dealing with byuntae? ;;;;;;;;;


I know the fandom is already having a hard time. We are still in the middle of trying to cope with the issues in relation to Kris’s departure from EXO and yet this news came like a second slap right in the face of everyone who has been supporting EXO until now.

I also know that usually K-pop fans feel like they possess their idols. As a result, when things like this happen, the expected reaction from the fans I can predict is sadness, frustration, anger, and even denial.

I know that people most likely will feel hurt and betrayed. Of course it’s understanding. However, bashing and making rude comments on either of BaekHyun or TaeYeon is strongly unacceptable. We have had enough bad reputation in the fandom. More than anyone, if fans truly want the best for EXO, they should try their best to behave themselves first before expecting the situation to get better.

I can also see that there are many fans who have been acting like they are the only one with sanity and manners. Yes it is a really good thing that they can accept the news very quickly and positively. However, trying to force it on other fans, who are more vulnerable and sensitive, and curse them for being such ‘not a true fan’ when they are not ready to let the news sink in their head is also not acceptable.

People have their own way to accept the reality; you just need to respect them and leave them alone. The worst thing you can do to a wounded person is to rub salt on their wound. Things are already beyond sensitive, we don’t need any internal conflicts within the fandom.

There are many times I wanted to leave the fandom since being on a roller coaster with too many unnecessary emotions like these with EXO is not a best way to find comfort and an escape from the reality. We come to K-pop seeking for entertainment, if one doesn’t feel entertained anymore, they are free to leave. We should not title anyone as ‘traitor’ or ‘not loyal’ or ‘unfaithful’. Stop with that exaggeration. People come and go for different reasons. For those people who consider themselves ‘true fans’ for liking everything EXO does, I wish they take their real-life responsibilities as serious as they take K-pop and fandom.

I myself personally cannot look at EXO the same way I used to when I first like them in MAMA era anymore. It seems like this one step has taken all of us too far, even further than where the issue with Kris has driven us to, to a destination that we are not sure about and filled with doubts. However, I want to remind myself and everyone out there who will still support EXO that we support them for working hard, for being fearless, for chasing after what they want and for bravely showing their passion without hesitation; aside from that, they have a personal life to live and we should all let them be. Sound sappy but it is only true love when you are happy because the person you love is happy, even if they are not with you.

Be strong, fandom. If we don’t support EXO, who will?

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"I still get butterflies whenever I see you…"

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Did I mention it to you before? the… or not. :)

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  • swishy and pretty
  • can grow it out like rapunzel wow
  • u can curl it
  • straighten it
  • other people touch and style ur hair uaaaaaaah sign me up


  • brushing takes so so long
  • knots!!! everywhere!!
  • when it’s hot ur neck gets sooo sweaty 
  • W H E N    I T ’ S    H O T    A N D    I T    F E E L S    L I K E    
    S A T A N    I S    F U S I N G    B U R N I N G    S T R A W   
    O N T O    Y O U R     N E C K
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"how stupid of me; to think I was the only flower in your garden."

- 6 a.m. thoughts (via bedsigh)
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